Whopper fight! (We just have to make sure that our ‘nast카지노톡y fight is on your face. Let’s go to the store, kids! It’s a bit more expensive than buying a new dress!)


Oh, man, it’s cold i강남출장안마n here and everything. Why does everyone have to be so thin? Oh, you’re thin, man! Thin as the hickory-brick! You look like one of those skinny, uninspiring women, too. Well, you do! And that makes us look fat. You look kind of thin, though, too. You’d probably be best suited for a skinny, uninspiring woman. I’ve never seen such a dorky woman in my life.

You look like a wuss.

Nope. (Giggles) It’s OK if you’re a wuss. It makes it easier to b시흥안마e mean to people that way, too. (Chuckles) I mean, man, I hope you still have some in you, because that dress I just bought is the worst damn thing I’ve ever seen, and I’ve never been so embarrassed in my life. You know, even after I made you feel like a piece of shit, I still didn’t put it on. It’s ridiculous! No one will ever wear that dress. If it was up to me, it’d be the color of a burnt-out, bloody body part.

And all those other things? I bet you’ve had some pretty nice ones yourself, though.

Oh, those things are just what my husband has left, too. (Chuckles) It’s too bad. (Sighs) Well, maybe, if you ask me. I probably shouldn’t say I hope you don’t buy this dress from that man.

But maybe I should… (Whispers.) Oh, no! That’s not right! It’s… (Chuckles) it’s what he asked for!

Ouch. (Giggles) Hey!

Is that your sister? (Chuckles)

I’m sure it is. You should come to our office and see if she’s OK to meet.

Thanks, honey. (Chuckles) I know I might take you for a ride on that ride, but do you think I should give you something you’ve never tried before?

Well, OK, then, don’t waste your money. (Laughs)