Wave of sectarian violence hits iraq

IS fighters had been engaged in some fighting with other Sunni tribes in the area, but it was not immediately clear who was behind the attack.

It follows what the US and its Gulf Arab allies said was an attempt by Sunni Islamist militants on the southern Iraqi city of Mosul to seize the town.

A senior Iraqi official said Friday there were signs that ISIS leaders might attempt to return to Mosul from a Syrian border crossing.

The US-led coalition had made repeated attempts to halt attacks by Iraq’s Shia-led security forces but had been frustrated by their failure.

In neighboring Syria, the government is seeking to restore stability following three years of civil war by pushing back IS fighters from its border towns with Turkey and Iraq.

In Syria, the two countries have cooperated on their fight against IS.

The Syrian town of Kobani, where hundreds have been trapped since 2014, was recaptured in February and has been secured by the Syrian Kurdish YPG and IS fighters.

It is now under the control of moderate forces backed by Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar.

The United Nations Security Co바카라uncil later extended a ceasefire that had been in place for six months from December 12 until March 28.

The ceasefire had바카라사이트 allowed food supplies to pass into Kobani, but it is believed many residents there have been forced to seek more food from camps for internally displaced people that are being established우리카지노 in nearby towns.

At the same time, Turkey, a key ally in the fight against IS, has been providing air strikes in airless areas around Kobani to help Kurdish peshmerga who are seeking to take the city.

Elsewhere on Friday, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said that Iraqi forces had taken back control of half of the city of Baiji in north-west Iraq and that the Islamic State had been “de-caught” from the northern Iraqi city of al-Bukamal.

Speaking at an emergency meeting of parliament, Abadi said there were about 200 terrorists still living around Baiji, including several leaders in the group.

Al-Abadi urged Iraq to provide immediate assistance to the peshmerga, who were fighting for an “unimaginable victory” over IS forces.

Al-Abadi said Iraq “can’t allow IS to reach the city” – but stressed that Iraqi forces were fighting to clear Baiji of all militants and insurgents.

A convoy of armored vehicles and warplanes arrive