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Brian Hunter first became famous for an enormous bullish bet on natural gas prices in Had he been wrong, this story might be drastically different, but buy Terazosin knew what he was doing, and two hurricanes later, Hunter had made in excess of a billion dollars for Amaranth.

This magazine, in fact,listed him as one of the top 30 highest paid traders of And that growth was entirely due to Brian Hunter. Hunter liked being long winter natural gas and short Nolvadex Livraison Gratuite summer contracts. One reason Hunter liked the strategy so much — aside from the fact that it worked so well — was that, in his mind, Nolvadex Livraison Gratuite, it was a pretty safe bet. The typical narrow spread between the winter and summer prices Nolvadex Livraison Gratuite widen suddenly increased.

However, Hunter did have another trading strategy which worked pretty well too. It the idea that given enough volume, a trader could push around the market for a very short period of time.

Especially right before the expiration of a futures contract.

Suppose there was a massive sell-off in a futures contract at the end of the day. The bigger the sell-off during the last few minutes of trading, the bigger the price drop. Those who get away with it typically hide their intentions very well and disguise their trades. On February 23,Hunter sent a message to another Amaranth trader. The futures he was referring to were the March natural gas contract, and they would be expiring the following day, Nolvadex Livraison Gratuite, February That is, he needed to bang the close.

During the last thirty minutes of trading that day, Hunter gave his broker an order to sell his 3, contracts, but gave explicit instructions that the order was not to be executed until the last eight minutes of trading. Hunter would even brag about it to other traders — at other firms, no less. When April rolled around, he was right back at it again. Throughout the month, Hunter built up a trading position in May natural gas futures contracts and swaps.

Hunter was concerned the famous energy trader, John D, Nolvadex Livraison Gratuite. Arnold, was a buyer. Nolvadex Livraison Gratuite am worried that Arnold has taken the other side of everything.

In that case, Hunter could end up stuck short the ICE contracts just as Arnold was pushing prices higher. You see, Hunter and Arnold were energy trading rivals, and both men were so competitive and they liked to win on every trade, Nolvadex Livraison Gratuite.

They asked Hunter point-blank about whether or not Arnold was aware of what he planned to do: He placed sell orders for up to futures contracts, thenand finally 2, All the orders had the same explicit instruction: Do not execute the sale until eight minutes before the close.


In the end, only 1, of the over 3, sell orders got sold, but Hunter still got what he wanted. The price NYMEX natural gas contracts dropped and his epic short position in the ICE made good money, but not the gold mine he was expecting had the balance of the contracts been sold. What brought down Amaranth was good weather. For much of the latter half of and the beginning ofNolvadex Livraison Gratuite, weather prognosticators were talking about La Niña, a period during which sea temperatures are lower, on average, by three-to-five degrees Celsius.

What it means for the Atlantic and Gulf regions is that there is an increased probability of high-intensity storms, Nolvadex Livraison Gratuite, including hurricanes. Paired with the dire reports about increased storm activity associated with global warming, everyone was sure that was going to be a devastating hurricane season.

That was music to the ears of Brian Hunter. He was betting heavily that would mirror the previous two years in terms of destruction and, as a result, Nolvadex Livraison Gratuite, the same Nolvadex Livraison Gratuite in natural gas prices. But by the beginning of May, things started to change.

Other traders were covering their natural gas shorts through the June and July contract months, and at the same time, natural gas producers were pumping out as much gas as they possibly could.

It was the single largest build-up of pre-winter natural gas inventory in history.

However, at this particular Nolvadex Livraison Gratuite in time, the markets had completely accounted for the possibility — even the probability — of a severe hurricane striking the natural gas production and distribution infrastructure of the United States. He was still positioned for the year, holding fast in his bet that summer prices would fall and winter prices would soar. His position was concentrated, too.

There was a growing problem that there were just too few buyers out there to pay for the contracts he owned if he needed to get out.

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It was, at least according to their own calculations, Nolvadex Livraison Gratuite than four times more than they were supposed to be able to lose. And it was the sheer size of their position that was killing them. They were crumbling beneath the weight of their own holdings, Nolvadex Livraison Gratuite.

Everyone in the industry knew exactly what he was doing, and they knew the position he was in. So he did what many gamblers do — he doubled-down.

The logic was that if he added to his position at lower prices, his average purchase price moved lower.

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If he lost, he lost less; if he won, he won more, Nolvadex Livraison Gratuite. Plus, by purchasing more contracts, he was also helping to support the market and kept it from sinking lower. It was just a matter of when. Their only choice was to begin unloading some of their positions. Closing out their remaining positions Nolvadex Livraison Gratuite only drive prices lower and add to the already crippling losses.

Their only hope was for a blisteringly cold winter, some type of surprise storm, anything; but there was nothing in the forecast. Amaranth wanted to sell their remaining position on Goldman, except there was one problem.

The law provided JP Morgan the option of either buying the contracts in bankruptcy court or taking control of the assets themselves in the event that Amaranth defaulted. JP Morgan declined, and Goldman backed Nolvadex Livraison Gratuite of the deal. The next day, natural gas prices continued to fall, and the prospect of getting a bridge loan and staying in business looked impossible.

The firm had lost so much money that they needed to liquidate.

Nolvadex Livraison Gratuite

With gas prices crumbling, other traders sensed blood in the water and chose to pounce. JP Morgan called Amaranth and offered a compromise deal. Seeing no other option, Amaranth agreed to their terms and Nolvadex Livraison Gratuite deal was struck. He claimed he had no intent to deceive anyone, nor did he attempt to cover up his trades from his bosses at Amaranth, Nolvadex Livraison Gratuite.

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