Man questioned over fatal stabbing in scarborough

Detectives from the Met’s murder investigation unit were looking at surveillance images from a window in the building the body of the man was found in. They also took witness statements and CCTV footage from nearby buildings, and the flat where the body was found. A friend of Mr McMan’s told police he left the building in a vehicle but was later found lying near a bus stop and his remains found in a bag. Detective sergeant Andrew Biddle said: “Somebody left the flat and then I think they moved out of that building – I don’t know where they went after that. “The way it happened really struck you and you are going to think it’s very strange but we have had some fantastic leads which are helping us to solve this case. “The circumstances were quite similar to the other murders and what we are saying is that it doesn’t appear as if these two separate incidents happened in separate locations. “The way they arrived at these conclusions is quite significant, we are confident that they know each other.” On Christmas Eve 2010 a friend of Mr McMan found him dead in his flat next door to his brothe바카라사이트r’s home on Rose Street, Shaw. Two weeks earlier another man had claimed he was stabbed several times and taken back to the flat. His body was later found lying on a stairwell in the same street. Three years on, he is still missing. At the scene

The flat Mr McMan was found in, part of an estate in Shaw, had been bought in late 2006 by brothers Michael and Alan McMan, and owned by a 우리카지노brother of Mr McMan’s. A month before his death in January 2012 it was used by a neighbour as his home. On Sunday, the next day, Michael McMan – Mr McMan’s partner at his law firm – found a bloody knife and a pair of scissors on the back of a van parked outside their door. Detectives said this evidence was likely to be a key element of any future murder investigation and detectives would be pursuing any leads. A neighbour said on Christmas Eve a man and a woman – possibly Mr McMan’s family – were seen leaving the flat shortly after the murder. “We were walking through and there was one person out and the next thing we knew there were three people walking out of the flat,” he said.

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