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What should I bring to the Sleep Center for an overnight study? Can I bring my own pillow? We try to make it as comfy as possible. Can I bring earplugs?

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Will the recording be painful? Leads are placed on the skin to record information but the recording process is non-invasive and is not painful. Top Will my insurance cover my sleep study? Most major insurance companies, as well as Medicare, provide coverage for sleep studies.

Our staff will be happy to verify your insurance coverage benefits. People prone to insomnia may experience some interference with sleep. However, the vast majority of patients sleep well enough to have a successful sleep study. Who will be in the laboratory while I am sleeping? To ensure patient safety a sleep technician remains on site and a physician is always on call. Will I be given a sleeping pill?

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In Some rare cases, but patients who do not usually use sleeping aids will not be given one. However, if you normally take a sleeping pill to fall asleep, then we recommend you bring one to the sleep study. Should I continue to take my medications before the test? Will I just be tested, or will treatment be started in the laboratory? Depending on what your physician orders, you may get a full night or split night study.

If your physician has ordered a split night study and sleep apneas are detected, Buy Accutane 5 mg Online Canadian Pharmacy, then you may receive CPAP therapy as part of the sleep study. Can children come in for sleep studies? Please call the sleep center for information regarding a consultation or evaluation of your child. They must be attending with a present of legal guardian or parents.

Other Questions What happens to my sleep recording after completion of the test? We are committed to analyzing data from your sleep study and discussing the results with you or your primary care physician as quickly as possible. The results are reviewed by a sleep scoring technologist and verified by a board certified specialist. Can I get a copy of my test results?

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  • We are committed to analyzing data from your sleep study and discussing the results with you or your primary care physician as quickly as possible.
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Just ask for it. What treatment am I likely to receive after I complete my overnight sleep test?

The treatment is individualized depending on the clinical situation and results of the sleep study. We recommend that you make an appointment with your referring doctor for two weeks after the sleep study. Within days of the sleep study. What is the CPAP apparatus like and how is it applied and adjusted?

CPAP is a mask that goes over the nose or nose and mouth. Stands for continuous positive airway pressure. Because some people strongly prefer one style of CPAP over another, the treatment has to be individualized. Wellspring, what is this foregiveness program of which you speak. Easily, several of the clinic patients I was thither to see were lots less.