Babysitter pleads not guilty at trial on two counts of murder

(CNN) — A Texas kindergarten teacher pleaded not guilty Friday to murdering a 5-year-old girl and is expected to be found guilty of killing her as an adult.

Charity Nurse Melissa Miller of Houston said as a 16-year veteran of the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, she killed 17-year-old Sarah Anderson in her bedroom in 2005.

She faces the possibility of life in prison if convicted.

In addition to a death sentence for her former patient, a judge Friday imposed the possibility of life in prison without parole on the other three men involved, who were 14 at the time of Anderson’s death.

Anderson, a first-grader at Keller Elementary School in the early morning hours of May 19, 2005, was pronounced dead at the scene of the murder. MilSM 카지노ler claimed to have killed her in self-defense, and called herself a “hero” and “heroine” during her trial.

Her attorney, Thomas J. Miller, said his client “feared and loved” her former teacher and will “definitely continue to serve the American people.”

A jury was not instructed in the case but was required to be “present in person on Thursday, in person on Saturday” as part of the bail hearing.

Prosecutors and other officials said in closing arguments last month that the case against Miller was “a sham.”

Prosecutor Andrew J. Curbelo, the prosecutor in the pr월드 카지노osecution’s final stages of the trial, said Friday he was “shocked” that Miller may still be “a bright star” when it comes to public perception and public trust in public sector employee safety.

The prosecution and defense had a우리 카지노 쿠폰 “couple of weeks to prepare,” Curbelo said, but the trial had to move quickly because Anderson’s case was moving along quickly, which meant prosecutors had to start with the “troubles” that had been brewing for weeks.

Miller, dressed in a black jacket and brown pants, took the stand after two hours of testimony and was not identified during the closing arguments. She did not participate in the defense’s final arguments, but the judge allowed her to be represented by defense lawyer Edward Yee on several occasions.

The case drew national attention and the attention of the media and a special prosecutor, Kenneth J. Ramsey. Ramsey’s office released video from the surveillance of the murder and Miller’s testimony.

The defense said in its closing argument